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Information on NO102TM

The natural complex NO102TM contained in BE ONE™ increases the synthethis and production of an endogenous molecule made by the body itself:

Nitrogen monoxide: NO

Discovered in the 1980’s by MURAD, FURCHGOTT and IGNARRO (Nobel prize for Medicine and Physiology 1998) NO was declared to be molecule of the year in 1992 (Science Review).
NO acts on energy production and the ionic movements in our cells.
NO synthesis is related to the continual processing in our cells of a protein (L arginine) by an enzyme:

NO synthase

Unfortunately the effect of NO lasts for a short time (5 to 30 seconds).
BE ONE™ increases the synthesis of NO synthase
The NO molecules thus released in greater numbers work for longer and result in a powerful relaxation of the smooth muscle fibres of the body.
This exceptional property is found in all our blood vessels which increase the irrigation and oxygenation of our tissues.
Other reactions are attributed to this extraordinary molecule, such as increased respiratory capacity, a powerful antioxidant effect protecting our cells against the negative effects of ageing, improving the functioning of our neurones and of our brain.

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