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All creativity begins with a burst of energy and if the reasons behind it are sound, so in all probability will be the result. It needs inspiration, courage but also patience and humility. To begin with the mission was simple. To-day energising drinks are all synthetic, basically providing artificial stimulation and without a really pleasant taste. We were looking for a healthy drink that had regard for our wellbeing, used natural produce and was genuinely energising. We hoped to find the perfect balance between a positive effect on the body’s own energy, scientific evidence, molecular extraction from natural products, without either preservatives or colouring agents and a real innovation in terms of pleasure and taste.

After two years of intensive research with nutritional experts and using food processing for the realisation and extraction of active raw materials, it had to pass the balanced molecular ideal for optimum activity as demonstrated by scientific research both in the laboratory and in vivo. Another challenge was to convince the experts in natural flavours and oenology to sign off on the first entirely natural energy drink with proven effect and packed with exciting flavours.
Quite simply we wanted to create something honest, good and tastey.

BE ONE was born.

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